Thursday, March 5, 2015

Organizing Your Planner Supplies, Part 4 - Paper

Paper in my place includes everything from small sticky-back notes to 12” x 12” scrapbook paper. I once owned a scrapbook supplies store and sold through direct sales, so I probably have more than I will ever use.

Most of it is 8½” x 11” and is kept in a rolling filing cart like this one:

It is organized from cardstock to regular paper, and from solids to prints, all of it in WBlBr ROYGBIV order. This makes it easier to locate when I am looking for a specific color or colors for a project.

I also have 12” x 12” paper stored in a container like this one:

And this one:

I have notepads in document boxes like this:
Office Depot
My Post-Its® are organized in size order in a document drawer set, like this one:
Although the different sizes are in different containers, they are all labeled and in the same area for ease of use.

I hope these ideas might help you to contain your paper supplies. Even if you are a paper hoarder like I am.