Sunday, March 15, 2015

Home Office Organization - Paperwork, Part 1

It is time I come clean about something. My paperwork is a mess right now. Yes, I admit it, but it is also a good time to post about taking care of paperwork. My mission for this week is to share my photos and stories by getting the piles cleared up. 

Why do I have so much paperwork? Well, I have been filling in applications, which need supporting documents, which need to be returned to where they came from. The files and piles in the back corners are where a lot of the supporting documents came from or are. While going through the files for necessary documents, I discovered everything was not as organized as I though.

One side view
I believe the table top is 36 inches by 46 inches (91.44 cm x 116.84 cm), so the pictures give you an idea of how full the tabletop is. 

View from the top.
This side view gives you an idea of how tall my piles are. The blue binder is 3 inches (7.62 cm) thick and some of the papers belong inside of it. The pink accordion file holds seven years of income tax returns with supporting documents, but one year is currently in the piles.

View from the side
I would like to say that all this belongs with the supporting documents, but, alas, they do not. (We read a lot of Shakespeare in my high school English classes.) Some of these are receipts from purchases. They belong in the yellow accordion file for 2014 and, I am sure, another accordion file for 2015 that is missing from the photos. More than likely, much of the papers will end up in the shredder and recycling bin.

The pink binder is for "Money" - monthly bank statements will be returned to the binder. A purple binder was missing from the pile; it holds all my medical paperwork - receipts, office-visit recaps, etc. 

Normally, I am very organized, but 2014 was a hard year for me health-wise, and the paperwork got ahead of me. Way ahead of me. By the end of this week, all those piles will be gone, though. 

I will document the efforts with the hope that I will be helping others drowning in paperwork by showing the steps of my clean up. If the Bat Signal appears in the sky, the piles have conquered me.

If this helps you out, or if you just want to come clean, please comment below. 


- Amelia