Friday, March 20, 2015

Home Office Organization - Paperwork, Part 5

Here is a recap of what has been done so far. Day 1: coming clean and sharing pictures of my paperwork piles. Day 2: conquered one section of paperwork from sorting to filing. Day 3: sorted out five more categories. Day 4: everything that was left, except for printables and filing, was sorted and put away. 

Other ideas include stuffed animals, lingerie organizer, craft/office/school supplies, sewing patterns, and a fabric holder. I am considering using one as a yarn holder for the Sophie's Universe I am working on.

This is what is left for Day 5:

This is what the front of the to-do list looks like:

Step Sixteen:

Today, a more thorough sort than I had done previously is needed, because this is the final sort of the original piles.

As I was sorting, I realized I needed more categories and brainstormed using the back of the laminated sheet I have used all week. As I continued to sort, I did eliminate a couple and scribbled them out so they are not confused with completed, crossed-off items.

For this sort, I did not create tabs, but I wish I had. It would have saved time.

Step Seventeen:

I put papers that were no longer needed or wanted into the recycling box or the shredding box during the sorting process. This is what they look like now:

The full box is recycling; I will straighten up the contents and close the lid for its trip to the recycling center.

This is what the table looks like after the final sort:

Clockwise from back left corner: how-tos for creating printables, for food/health journal, to-do lists and information on how to create them, dailies/weeklies sheets, cleaning and organizing information, applications with documentation (because they are personal, I placed a few other items on top), warranties/instruction manuals, needing lamination, information on creating planners, and the center pile is print-outs on productivity and time management.

There were a few papers that could be put away quickly, like the warranties and instruction manuals, so I did so. At this point, I stopped for the day. 

Total time today: 2.5 hours, including writing this post. 

It took longer today because it was a thorough sort. I think I could have cut off 5-10 minutes if I had spent 1-2 minutes creating labels for the piles.

Total time spent to this point: 8 hours, including writing the blog posts each day. Working time is probably 6 hours.

Tomorrow's post is about clearing up the remaining papers. 

Once again, I hope following my process is helpful to you. Please leave a comment below with thoughts, ideas, and/or your progress with this project.


- Amelia