Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home Office Organization - Paperwork, Part 4

Here is a recap of what has happened so far:

On Day 1, I admitted that I had a lot of paperwork to clean up and shared pictures of my piles. On Day 2, I conquered one section of paperwork by pulling specific papers from the piles and putting them where they belonged - in the black files, which I then returned to the filing cart. On Day 3, I sorted out five more categories. 

Step Twelve:

I planned to work through the piles and sort them more thoroughly. The sort took 1.25 hours, including putting the papers into the binder, book, and accordion file they belonged in.

After sorting through the receipts
After filing the receipts.
After taking the photograph, I put the binder, notebook, and accordion file away.

Step Thirteen:

Time to sort through the final two piles in the back. 

New categories laid out.
Once again, the only decision to make at this point is which category each piece should be in.

After sorting
Clockwise starting in the back, left corner: magnetic menu planner, coupons, memorabilia, stickers, bank statements and 2010 tax forms, paper, printables, court, file, patterns. Center: recipes.

Pile sizes are easier to see from this angle.
Step Fourteen:

Put away those items that can be immediately taken care of. The magnetic menu planner is now on the refrigerator, the coupons are in my purse, the stickers are where they belong, the bank statements are in the money binder, 2010 tax papers are in the pink accordion file, and the court papers are in the binder they belong in.

The binders and file were put away after this photograph is taken.

Step Fifteen:

The remaining piles are memorabilia, patterns, recipes, printables, and filing. 

Memorabilia, patterns, and recipes could be taken care of quickly, so that was done. I removed the Christmas letters, addresses, and a couple of keepsakes from memorabilia and put the rest in the recycling. 

I looked through the patterns and recipes to decide if I still want them. The remaining ones need to be punched and put in their respective binders, which were not taken out before, and will be put away after finishing the blog.

This is what is left:

Printables, filing, memorabilia to keep
Action to be taken for the memorabilia pile is write letters, scrapbook, and add pieces to my planner.

Total time today: 1.5 hours including writing this blog post.

Total time spent to this point: 5.75, not including creating the Day 1 pile. I think that process took about 30 minutes, so 6.25 hours. Remember: that includes writing the blog posts.

This is where the list stands:

If you compare this list with the Day 3 list, you will see more items have been added, and the completed ones are crossed off. I have not crossed off applications simply because I need to make sure all necessary action is completed.

The process continues. I hope this is helpful for my readers. Let me know how it is going if you are working along with me.