Monday, March 16, 2015

Home Office Organization - Paperwork, Part 2

I admitted in "Coming Clean, Day 1" that I am way behind in filing paperwork. Pictures show the piles of papers, files, and binders that will be cleaned up this week. 

Step One:

Bring everything together in one place. 

Refer to yesterday's post to see the results of this step.

Step Two:

Create a list of categories the piles are thought to include. Changes can be made if more are discovered. 

This is my list:

Step Three:

This step might be optional: In my case, I needed to remove the binders and accordion files to the floor to make room for the clean-up process. 

The purple binder, missing yesterday, is now included.
Step Four:

Decide on a starting point. 

The black folders in the back corner take up a lot of space and some of the papers in the piles belong in the folders, so I am going to take care of those first.

The puppy calendar is cute, but it is from last year.
Step Five:

Sort through the papers and find those that belong with the starting point. 

After my sort, the papers at the right-front corner need to be placed in the black file folders.

Step Six: 

Put the newly sorted papers into the proper order. 

These are financial statements, so they will be sorted chronologically with divisions for annual, quarterly, and monthly periods. As I said yesterday, the black file folders had gotten out of order, so this is included in the sort. I have two boxes on hand - one for things to shred and another for recycling papers that are not sensitive.

Step Seven:

When I was finished, this is what is left:

I am not sure it is obvious, but there is less paper now. 

Step Eight:

The last step in the process is to put the files in the filing cabinet, box, or cart. 

That is it for today. Total time invested was about 1.5 hours, and that includes writing this blog post.

Are you working along with me? Let me know below. 


- Amelia