Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Master Bedroom Organization - Dressers, Part 2

Last week, we weeded through the socks and underwear drawers of our dressers, discarding unmatched socks or worn out undergarments. Today's topic is the rest of the drawers. 

Once again, empty out each drawer you have left; wash out the inside of the drawers. Sort your clothes in separate containers for donations, discard, yard sale, or keep.

In the mid-1990's, I worked at a women's chain clothing store. We had folding boards to fold the shirts and sweaters uniformly. I had never seen one before, and I thought it was the coolest thing. The thing is, it was just a rectangular piece of sturdy plastic that the shirts were folded around and then pulled from inside the now-folded shirt. I had never seen one on the market, but I got really good at folding shirts the same way at home, even without the plastic folding board. I used a similar method to fold towels at home. (In the Linen Closet - Folding Towel Sets)

Regardless of what clothing is in the rest of the drawers, I found a tool to help maximize the space while letting me fold my laundry faster I previously could. Last year, I was flipping through TV channels, and I saw this woman, Debbee Barker, quickly folding shirts using a tool she created.

She calls it "Debbee FlipFOLD," and it was being sold on HSN. I am not normally one who shops from television; I only ordered from Amazon on my computer for years before I trusted other sites with my information - I had my identity stolen once. I could not resist this device, though. 

Check out how it works here: Debbee FlipFOLD. They come in packs of two full-size or one full-size and one junior-size. I do not have any little people to fold for, but I wish I had a junior-size while I was raising my children. Since it was a package of two, I gifted my daughter in law with the second one - she loves it! Whether you decide to buy this product or not, I believe you can use the techniques demonstrated to fold your clothes. It is nice when everything is a uniform size to maximize the room available.

Please comment below about any great methods you have for folding clothes.



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