Monday, February 16, 2015

Living/Dining Room Organization - Storage Pieces

So far, we have talked about books, media, and photos/mementos. What has not been discussed is storage in the living room or dining room. The space available sometimes determines what storage pieces can fit. Personally, I have a tiny living room/dining room combination that is heavy with furniture. I had to downsize a few years ago, but I hung onto many of my pieces.

For example, I have a long media center that I bought when I had a very large living room. It is not tall – a television would sit on it, not in it, and it is very heavy. The first picture is similar to my current cabinet. In my current living space, a tall entertainment piece, similar to the second picture would be better. Tall pieces also have the benefit of using the top as a shelf or display space.

I worked for someone once who had a coffee table where the top could elevate to table height – perfect for working on the computer or eating a meal. And it had storage, so it served triple duty. This kind of furniture piece is ideal for small spaces or even big spaces with large sofas. The problem I can foresee with this piece is not being able to use the top for books… or feet.
A buffet/credenza in the dining room is a great space for storing table linens, formal china, and silver. The top can be used for serving buffet-style meals or for holding desserts for a holiday get-together.

Bookcases do not to always hold books. A couple of shelves could be removed, and it becomes a space for a television. I am currently using one for scrapbooks and supplies to make more. Some people use the shelves for books and… photos, knick-knacks, and collectibles. Similar to a tall entertainment center, bookcases have the benefit of using the tops as another shelf or display space. I shared in a previous post that I have my teddy bears and teddy bear figurines on top of mine.

Another option is storage ottomans. Below are several choices – lift top, drawer, bookcase shelves, and lift-off tops. 

Lift-off and lift tops are great to store throws and afghans for cool summer evenings or cold winter nights. One style of lift tops is used as filing space. Drawers can store throws or hide coloring books and crayons, games, etc.

As you can see, there are many types and styles of storage pieces available. The point is to ensure the pieces you have are right for your space.

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The above images were found at Google Images.