Friday, February 6, 2015

Linen Closet Organization - Folding Sheet Sets Tutorial

Last week, we worked on folding our bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Today, we will be folding sheet sets. As with every organization project, remove everything from the linen closet and wash the shelves and back walls. Use the four bins – garbage, sell/donate, keep, somewhere else – to sort your bedding. Sort by sheet sets, loose sheets/pillowcases, and blankets.

My mom taught me to fold sheets standing up, utilizing my chin as a third hand. It worked then, and it works now. If you have a second person to help you fold queen/king sheets, so much the better; but this tutorial will walk you through folding large sets by yourself. The important thing to remember is to keep pulling the sheet taut after each fold.

First, hold the sheet with a long side up to the ceiling; fold the sheet in half so the bottom and top are touching. Next, turn the sheet 90 degrees so the top and bottom hems are facing the ceiling. Holding the fold with the middle tucked under your chin, bring the two side seems together so the top hem is on the outside; hold both sides in one hand and take the middle into your other hand. Make sure the seams are as even as possible.

Keep the sheet with top and bottom hems down and fold in half again, keeping the top seam on the outside of the folds. Turn the sheet 90 degrees again, then fold in half and half again. Your sheet should now look like this:

Now comes the fun part – folding the fitted sheet. Fold in half from top to bottom and tuck on corner inside the other – the inside-out corner should be inside the outside-in corner. Repeat for the other corner. The elastic should now be on the inside and should now look like this:

 Then bring the two ends together, so all four corners are tucked into one corner, like so:

Fold the elastic edges one-third of the way into the center, then fold the straight seams in on top of the elastic edges. It should look like this:

Repeat this maneuver bringing the elastic ends into the center, the fold the straight seams in on top again. If you remember to keep everything taut as you go, it should now look like this:

Fold a pillowcase in seam to open end, then side seam to side seam so the pillowcase is folded in fourths. Lay the flat sheet down, place the folded pillowcase on top of it, and then place the fitted sheet on top of that. Most people put the pillowcase on top of the sheets, but putting the pillowcase in between helps keep the pile of uniform size for the next step.

The length of the stack should be slightly shorter than the short end of the unfolded pillowcase. Put the pile inside the second pillowcase, long stack side going in first. Coax the stack to the bottom of the pillowcase, then fold the open end of the pillowcase under. It should now look like this:

Up until now, the images in this post have been taken from Google Images, but this final one is my youngest son and daughter-in-law’s linen closet, which I organized using this folding method. The bottom shelves have their towels that I folded for them.