Friday, February 20, 2015

Linen Closet Organization - Seasonal Bedding

Winter is almost over. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but I want to believe the deep freeze of the Northeastern part of the US will start thawing out. Soon. Please. I really, really, really hate winter.

But I digress…. Winter is almost over. It will soon be time to put away the flannel sheets and down comforters, and bring out the cotton sheets and bedspreads instead. The problem with both flannels and down is that they take up more space than cotton and bedspreads. Oh, and quilts. We cannot forget the cozy quilts that keep us warm all winter.
Now is a good time to take the summer bedding out from storage and air them out. A good air fluff in the dryer works if you do not have a clothesline. Or, if you are like me and do not like the way line dried clothes smell. (No judgment; I know I am not the only one who prefers soft sheets and towels from the dryer to the stiff feel of line-dried clothes.)
When it is time to take the bedding off until next fall rolls around, it is very important that the bedding get washed or dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you dry clean, remove from the dry cleaning bag and let bedding air for a day or two before storing.

Many people have limited space in their linen closet for the fluffy down that kept us warm all winter. I have used the large zipper bags with the air sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. The picture below shows the size difference.
The only issue I have encountered is that the suctioned bag becomes very stiff. My recommendation is to have the stiffened bag be the bottom layer on the top shelf of the linen closet, or stack all the bags together. I recommend storing one bed’s linens together – comforter and sheets – so there is no hunting for the sets come fall.  

Since the bags become so flat, they can also be stored under beds or dressers with a gap between the bottom and the floor. Under-bed storage containers is another option for seasonal bedding. This is a particularly good option if you do not have a linen closet.

For now, though, I guess I will just have to crawl in between the flannel sheets to get warm.*


*This is not my bedroom, but a girl can dream.