Friday, February 27, 2015

Bathroom: Cleaning - The (Not-So Attractive) Essentials

Shh! No one wants to talk about the ugly things that occur in the bathroom, but we have to do it. Yes, we have to clean and plunger the toilet. And we do not all have a place to put the bowl brush and plunger where they are out of sight.

So, is there a way to store these items attractively out in the open? Yes, there is.

Toilet Brushes:

A German company, Redeker sells this toilet brush and holder.

Unfortunately, it is available only in Germany. Fortunately, the idea can be hacked.

This pitcher is available on Amazon:

Dibor, in the U. K., sells this attractive pitcher in two colors, blue and green. It is also dishwasher safe for sanitizing.

This attractive combination can be found at Target. The white color can fit in with most bathroom colors.
If looking to make a statement, consider one of these two holders from Remodelista.


Touch of Class sells these decorative plunger holders. When the plunger is returned to the holder, the attached lid hides the plunger from view.

If you decorate in a dog or cow motif, you might want to choose one of these two plungers with holders. They are removed from the holder simply by lifting the handle; the holder stays open until the pressure of the returning plunger shuts it again.

If the bathroom is rustic-themed, this planter from Wal-Mart makes an attractive holder. Since there is a drainage hole in the planter, use a coffee can lid or other plastic lid or container to cover the hole.
This last plunger holder by Yanko Design is pretty ingenious. When covered, place a spare roll of toilet tissue over the plunger handle and into the bowl. Now, it looks like a fancy holder instead of a plunger, especially if a shorter plunger is used.