Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bathroom/Linen Closet Organization: Toiletries

Depending on your home’s set-up, your toiletries are in a shower, a tub, both, at a sink, under a sink, or on shelves. The definition of toiletries is anything used for personal grooming, so nail care, hair care, makeup, deodorant, razors, and cologne, etc.

Where you need a toiletry item defines what your storage needs are. In your tub and/or shower, are there ledges specifically designed to hold your shampoo, soap, and conditioner? What about your razor? Some do not have ledges, but adding and organizing toiletries can be accomplished with a hanging shower rack.

Most modern sinks are inset into countertops, but some are pedestal sinks. If your sink has counter space, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, and hand soap can be kept on the counter.

Some sink areas have a built-in soap dish and toothbrush holder, which is convenient for pedestal sinks; but they can free up counter space for floss, eye drops, combs and brushes. 

A medicine cabinet can hold deodorant, nasal spray, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc.; but how much it can hold depends on the size of the cabinet. Mine is small, so I had a small shelf installed in the space between it and the sink.

Brushes, combs, hair spray, mousse, and gel can be kept in a tall basket for easy access. If you looked in my basket, you will see a can of Static Guard. Why, you might ask. During the dry winter weather, I give my comb or brush a light spray to prevent static electricity.

I have a small bathroom with limited storage, so I added an over-the-toilet unit and a small shelving unit, meant for the floor, on the wall above the towel bar. I keep plastic drawer units on these shelves, which hold extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and hair care products, like elastics and headbands. Bandages and ointments are corralled in two antique wooden library card trays. They are narrow, so two sit side-by-side on the shelf above.

Another set of shelves sits on the floor and holds bubble bath, shower gels, and the like. In addition, I added shelving units in the space under my sink. This holds items like cotton balls, Q-tips, a magnifying mirror, and my travel toiletry bag.

Also, use drawer dividers to organize other toiletries. The photos below show before and after views of the drawer my daughter-in-law stores her nail care products in. In the before shot, a red basket shows the bottles of polish in a mess, so she had to remove the basket and dig through to find the one she wanted. 


I organized her products using a plastic drawer divider to hold her polish. If you look closely, you can see that they are organized by brand, and the colors can be seen just by looking, making it easy to select the color she wants. The other nail care products are neatly arranged in the remaining space for ease of use.  

The important thing is to find the best use of the space available to you. If necessary, add shelving units or drawers in the space available to hold your toiletries. Organize like with like to make finding items easy.