Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kitchen/Pantry Organization - Relocating to a Better Place

Last Monday, I had you take a look through your kitchen and pantry to determine whether everything is in the most convenient place. Is your new kitchen layout planned? Did you identify anything to move to a place closer to where they are used? 

Of course, the answer is often dictated by your kitchen set-up. You might have a place that would work better for you by adding a shelf rack. 
Now, it is time to begin organizing. Take out anything you think will serve you better in a different location. Wash out where they were removed from and where they are going to. Allow the space to dry. If you want to add shelf paper to your cabinets, now would be a good time to do so. Wrapping paper or Con-Tact® paper will also serve the purpose.

If you use Con-Tact® Paper, decide whether you want to adhere it to the shelf; it can be difficult to remove should you do so. Also, peel the backing off gradually and make sure it is not wrinkling. Use a spatula or scraper to move any air bubbles out. If you discover later that you have a bubble, pop it with a pin.

Please share questions or comments of changes you made.


- Amelia