Friday, February 13, 2015

Organizing Your Planner Supplies, Part 1 - Pens/Markers/Pencils

(OK, stay with me here. This post starts with seemingly disjointed thoughts. Do not get whiplash, as they will quickly connect.)

This blog series is inspired by a group called “APA Gets Organized.” P = Planner. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups that are obsessed with planners. Trying to find the perfect cover, perfect pages, perfect set-up… perfect decorations. Particularly perfect decorations. And they all need a place to land since they tend to be like Tribbles, multiplying without end. 

I think I have more pens, pencils, and markers in more colors than most office supply stores. As the former owner of a scrapbook supply shop, I also have a lot paper, die-cuts, and stickers. And, of course, I have jumped on the Project Life and Washi tape bandwagons. All of these supplies need to organized and stored somehow.

Most people understand that hacking is getting computer codes from programs and allowing anyone to use them. I recently learned that this has morphed into a good type of hacking. People post their own ideas on blogs, so others can hack the ideas and use them for themselves.

Pinterest is just a bunch of obsessed hacks with a vast number of interests they post on boards. I am, admittedly, one of the obsessed. I have gathered information and formed almost 100 Pinterest boards; several of them are dedicated to all things planner.

Planner + Supplies + Hacking + Pinterest = Organization. I will be referencing one particular one - "Planner - Organizing Your Supplies" (See, I told you they would connect.)

I have made a friend through APA; her name is Kate. This is her pen carrier:

I am going to hack this idea as I have a similar carrier. I think, if we could sit down and compare, we have many of the same pens and probably have about the same number of them. (I told you I had a lot of them.

Here is another blogger’s pen carrier. Her name is Fish, and her site is DIYFish . Here is her pen carrier; she was kind enough to label what is where since she uses several pen folders. 

A woman named toriejayne uses covered cans to corral her colored pencils. This is a great DIY project.

I found several bloggers who use a Craftsman 12" Pink Tool Tote to contain their pens and other planner supplies.
I really like the way this person uses a tool carrier for her pens, markers, planner, and other supplies. 
Source: debbyjo123
Bits and Pieces...
Here is a homemade organization tote I found on Etsy.

When cuteness57 goes out, she uses a passport holder to carry a small number of pens and other planner supplies. 

I have one set of pens in an empty flavored-water-enhancer canister. 


These are only some of the many ways people store their pens for planner and other craft use. I have heard some people use pens on things like taking notes, too. I will have to look into that.

I hope you can use one of more of these ideas. Next week, we will continue this series, so stay tuned.