Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crochet - Breezy Mesh Jacket

I crochet. I have big dreams of knitting like my mother and grandmother did. They could make sweaters and gloves. Not mittens, mind you, but gloves with five fingers on each one. And, the two gloves matched each other. I know how to knit, but I can really only to the basics - knit and purl; beyond that, not so much. own stitch holders for knitting cables, but that is because I inherited them. 

They are like the teeny steel crochet hooks I received from my grandmother. They are used in making doilies, intricate window curtains, and beautiful bed coverlets. I have a few patterns for them, but I am not sure my eyesight is good enough to do such fine work. 
The hooks on the left are steel hooks meant for thread. The aluminum ones on the right are designed for use with yarn. See how tiny the tips of the left-hand ones are?

Because I do not knit well, I have never made a sweater before. I have wanted to, though, so I was very excited to find a pattern for a crocheted jacket that uses a hook that, while small, is used for yarn. I have made some things using intricate patterns, so I think it is time to try making something outside my comfort zone.

It is a perfect weight for late spring and summer. The pattern calls for a light worsted-weight cotton yarn. It also has a collar with lapels. The tight weave under the bust is an attractive detail and draws focus away from the hip area - something that is good for a pear-shaped body like mine. I would like to think it could be ready for this summer, but that is not realistic with my other projects. Hopefully, next year.  

This pattern is copyrighted, so I cannot share it with you. It was published in CROCHET! Magazine May 2010, Vol. 23, No. 3 issue. If you would like the pattern, visit . Look for Breezy Mesh Jacket by Darla Sims.

What about you? Do you knit, crochet, or both? What do you like to make? Please post a comment below.