Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Master Bedroom Organization - Dressers, Part 1

ASSIGNMENT: This week, we are going to organize part of your dresser. Just your own. Take all the undergarments – socks, bras, panties, pantyhose, tights, etc. – out of your dresser. Wash/wipe clean the inside(s) of the drawer(s). I think this project will only take an hour, depending on how much you have to sort through.

Sort your piles by category. Take one pile at a time and look at each item. This is one category where I recommend throwing away anything you no longer want. However, items can be donated or resold if they are new – still wrapped or tagged.

Sometimes, it is hard to discard things; I do not know why, but we all do it. Do you have a favorite pair of panties, but the elastic is past its useful life? Are your bras the proper size, or are your cups running over? If you’re like me, you have way too many pairs of socks. I probably will not need to buy another pair for about five years, but it seems like I am always wearing the same few pairs. I will admit here and now that I have a whole drawer committed to just my socks.

Once you have sorted through your items, it’s time to put them away. I use honeycomb drawer organizers to store my underwear and bras. I sort mine according to color, the same way I sort my clothing.  

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WHAT I DO: I fold my socks in half and then roll the top of one over the other so they are still in half - I hope that makes sense. (Some websites say it stretches out the top elastic, but it does not stretch them as much as my calves do.) I also tuck my tennis-style socks one inside the other without folding.

I sort my socks by light, heavy, fleece, and wool. I further sort my socks by color within the categories. Then I put them away by colors within each category. I use organizers from Dollar Tree to hold some categories. The others can be stored between and on either side of organizers. My trouser socks are stored with my dress shoes in an over-the-door shoe holder, rather than in my sock drawer. This works for me, because I do not have a lot of dress shoes.
Source: Amazon

-  Amelia