Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Master Bedroom Organization - Nightstands

ASSIGNMENT: I am taking it very easy today, because the last couple of days have been more involved. Today, take everything off/out of your night stand top, drawers, and shelves. Wipe down with a damp cloth or dust the sides and surfaces, including the inside of any drawers, first so they have time to dry before the contents are replaced.

Keep a waste can handy to throw away items that you no longer need or have expired – lip balm, for example. 

As you work, set aside anything that does not belong on or in the night stand(s). Remember: Don’t leave the room until your task is done. The items that belong elsewhere should go with you when you are done.
Nightstand from IKEA

Which items belong on top of the stand? Dust each one off and replace. Next, dust off anything that goes on the shelf or shelves.

This is a good time to decide whether some items can be put somewhere else. Do you have a pile of books that you want to read, but it has been sitting there for quite a while? Make a list of those books, then put them aside to go into your bookcase(s).

Next, sort through your nightstand drawer contents. I had a nightstand with a deep drawer that I kept nightclothes in. If yours holds clothes, fold neatly and replace those that you still wear and sort those you do not in “donate,” “sell,” or “garbage” containers.

Take everything that does not belong to where it should be.