Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Living Room: Cleaning - Using Vacuum Attachments

ASSIGNMENT: Vacuum. Yes, vacuum. However, I want you to do a thorough vacuuming which will involve several attachments. So, start at the top. 

Use the small brush or crevice tool to get the cobwebs off the ceiling. Next, use the upholstery tool to vacuum your drapes from the top down. Use the dust brush to vacuum your lampshades. 

Next is the stuffed furniture. Put the crevice tool back on, remove all the cushions and vacuum all the cracks and crevices out. Put the upholstery tool back on, then vacuum the areas where the cushions sit. Vacuum the fabric part of the comfy furniture from the top down. If you can get to it, don't forget the backs. Vacuum each cushion before replacing them. Use the dust brush on the surface of leather furniture.

Finish by using the floor attachment to vacuum the floor, including under the furniture

That's it! Not too bad, I hope.

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- Amelia