Monday, January 12, 2015

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day

The 2nd Monday in January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. I have been working on keeping my desk cleaned off for years. Lately, my “desk” is a side table, which I had cleaned off this morning before I learned about the “official” clean off. I cannot share pictures of the before with everyone.

I have an official desk, but it has been turned into my sewing table. I also have my grandmother's little desk - 28" wide, one drawer - where I keep my computer, when not in use, and another organizing tool for files.

WHAT I DID: I sorted the messy piles and put the papers back together neatly, put away some pens, and made room for my current project - putting samples of Washi tape into a notebook and labeling them. 

I have to admit that there is a side table on the other side of me needs cleaning off. I bought a couple of organizers last week, so the normal mess has been organized. Cleaning off today entails putting two things away into a drawer and shredding some papers. 

On the other side of the room, I have two shelves on the wall where extra and seldom-used office supplies are located and magazine holders hold extra paper, warranties and operation manuals. Below that is a 48" long, probably 4' tall couple of helves with more organizers. 


Am I truly organized if everything is located around my room? Absolutely. My apartment is small, so I have to make use of my limited space. I cannot have a dedicated office, as much as I would like to. I consider it organized because I know where everything is and can locate it within seconds.  Sort of. Some of the drawers on the one shelf are so high that I need to get out a step stool, so that takes a couple of minutes instead of a couple seconds. 

I do not have any before and after photos to share here on my blog. If you are going to clean off your desk as a result of this blog post, please comment below and then let me know when you've finished.