Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toy Storage - Under Age 5

Last week, I repeated the master bedroom's plan for the other bedrooms. It would be very easy each to say, "Repeat yesterday in your other bedrooms," but I think I am going to mix it up this week.

Other bedrooms can be guest bedrooms or children's bedrooms. Guest bedrooms are easy, as there is not a lot to do in them unless they need dusting if someone is coming to visit. Organizing/cleaning children's bedrooms depends on the age of the children. Today, I am writing about children under age five - specifically, their toy storage.

Infants - The newest beings have toys, too; usually stuffed animals and rattles. At this age, the biggest mess they can make is dropping them, but the items still need a place to reside. I love BOOMERINGS® Links by Discovery Toys to keep toys off the floor. (I receive no compensation of any kind from any company I write about in my blog.)

I used these for my sons, and my youngest is 30. It speaks to the lasting quality and usefulness of these tools/toys that they are still around. Buy some white chain-by-the-yard at your local home supply store, and hang using cup hooks on the bedroom wall. Hook the rings onto the loops and then hang stuffed animals by their bows, ears, tags, etc. Rotate the animals in the crib or playpen. 

Babies - When they get old enough to throw toys, hook the rings together and loop one onto the side of the crib, playpen, baby swing, or high chair. Make it short enough that the toy will not touch the floor. (Babies can also use rings hooked like in the picture to use as a teething toy or rattle.

Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers - As they get older, they get more toys and keeping them organized becomes more of a challenge. I would discourage you from toy chests; toys get dumped inside and, therefore, end up getting dumped out while looking for a specific toy. Instead, I recommend cubbies or shelves with plastic bins like the one below. The bins make it easy for children to access and help pick up their toys. Plus, the plastic bins are easy to clean.

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Do you have any storage tips for the under-five crowd? Please share in the comments.


- Amelia