Saturday, January 31, 2015

Linen Closet Organization - Folding Towel Sets

Many (stretch it out) moons ago – about 25 years worth, I learned how to fold towels from Martha Stewart. It has worked for me ever since. They look so neat on the shelves of my linen closet, too. My daughter-in-law loves when I visit, because I always help her redo her linen closet. I never feel put out by the expectation, because I love to do this.

Take your bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths out of the closet or off of the shelves. Wash or wipe down the area where the towels were.

Source: Skiing in the Shower
Towels can be folded on a table or standing up. First, smooth the towel if you are using a table. Snap it if you are going to stand up.

The Martha Stewart method folds one long side in one-third of the way, then fold the other long side on top of the first one. Then fold the short towel ends together, so the length of the towel is now folded in half. Repeat so the length is now folded in quarters.

The second method is shown below.

Source: Unknown

Hand towels can be folded as above, but I fold them in half, thirds, then half again when I am putting them in a linen closet. When I am putting them into a basket on a bathroom shelf, I fold them in half, then thirds, then I roll them from the hem end instead of folding in half again.

Washcloths depends on the size. Small ones, I just fold in half and place in a stack. For ease of use, I alternate the hems from inside to outside, kind of like stacked paper towels. Washcloths can also be rolled and put into a decorative basket.

When putting your stacks into the closet or on the shelves, they can be stacked by sets, or they can be stacked by bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. It is nice to open the linen closet door and see the neatly arranged stacks, so I think the visual reward makes it is easy to keep it up.

Source: Martha Stewart


- Amelia