Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bathroom Organization - Under the Sink

ASSIGNMENT: Organize everything that is under your bathroom sink - probably cleansers, sanitary supplies, etc. If you have a pedestal sink, then go to the location you keep these items at.
Source: O is for Organize
Take everything out for sorting and organizing. Wash out the insides of the cabinet so it can dry before putting your products back in an organized manner.

Check the dates on the products, if there are any. Is there anything hazardous that you no longer need? If so, set it aside to put in a secure spot for the next hazardous waste collection. We bring our hazardous waste to the local fire station twice each year.

Now, sort items into categories. Do you have what you need to put items back in category order? If not, do you have what you need elsewhere in your dwelling? Buying something new is just bringing one more thing in, so try to find something you already own to use. I do recommend using something to make two shelves if you do not have shelves under your sink.

Before putting anything away, wash the items down or dust, depending on what it is. Now, put everything back. If you do not have child safety latches on your doors, please add them.

Voila! One more place all organized!

Please comment below about your cleaning process.