Friday, January 30, 2015

Bathroom Organization - Beauty Products

Beauty products can spoil, which can cause skin irritations or infections. This post is about storage length for these products. Note: Like medicine, makeup and lotions should not be stored in the bathroom. Some people do not have anywhere else to store them, so they are included in this post.

ASSIGNMENT: Take your products from the baskets, cases, or bags you store them in. Clean the insides and outsides of storage containers.

Source: Daily Makeover
Mascara and liquid eyeliner are particularly prone to bacteria, because they are in a dark and moist environment. It has the shortest usable life at three months after opening. Good Housekeeping recommends smelling these items when first opened so you will recognize the change in odor when it goes bad. The first day of a new season would be a good marker for replacement.

Liquid face makeup, like mascara and eye liner, should be replaced every six months. 

Powder-based makeup, like blush and eye shadows, cream shadows and lipstick can be kept for two years.
Skin-care products, including sunscreen, should be replaced every six months if they are in a pot or tube due to exposure to the air or your skin. In general, liquids in pump bottles are good for a year, because the dispensing method keeps bacteria out of products. With sunscreen, purchasing around the vernal equinox will keep the product fresh through the summer season. In the tropics, consider replacing sunscreen at each solstice.

Hair care products, except hair spray, are good for one year if stored with caps secured. The chemical compounds in shampoos or conditioners can break down or separate when air and water get into the containers. Any product that is dispensed with an aerosol, like hair spray, frizz control, and mousse products, can last longer.

Nail polish, perhaps surprisingly, is another product that should not be stored in the bathroom. The same heat and humidity that affects medication, can cause nail polish to go bad. Nail polish can be kept for one to two years; if nail polish gets sticky or stringy, discard regardless of the time you have had it.

Fragrance can last for two years or longer. It should be stored away from sunlight, which can cause evaporation, and humidity, which can cause dilution. Both can change the scent of the fragrance.

Look through the contents and throw away anything that is past its expiration date. Look for the icon of a makeup pot on the bottom of makeup packaging; the expiration date is signified with an “M” for Month and a “Y” for Year. If your makeup comes in a package, record the expiration dates on a piece of paper inside the medicine cabinet door or in your planner. Before returning products to their storage place, wipe down the bottles and pots. 


- Amelia