Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project Organization - Donate Your New, Unwanted Office Supplies

ASSIGNMENT: I encourage you all to go through all your school/office supplies and donate them to different organizations - Girl/Cub Scouts, Sunday schools, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. 

Some of us receive "free" notecards from organizations asking for donations. These would be good to donate to the residents of nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. Consider pre-stamping the envelopes for them, too.

WHAT I DID: It was hard for me to admit I had to give up on school supplies, so I gathered all my extra binders, notepaper, folders, etc., and put them in the mail shed for my neighbors to take. I had put out two good-size boxes, but almost everything was gone by the next day. 

This encouraged me to repeat the process. I donated all my "extra" crayons (I love crayons), rulers, and unused pencils to the local elementary school.