Monday, January 26, 2015

Kitchen/Pantry Organization - Where Should This Go?

ASSIGNMENT: This will lead to better organization without moving a single thing. Today. 

Source: El-Relampago
It is a day with a lot of questions. Everyone’s kitchen layout is different, so it is important to look at how your kitchen functions for you. Is yours working for you? If not, why not? I will admit that I have changed mine around a couple of times since moving into this apartment.

Take a look inside your cupboards, drawers, and pantry. Are the things you use convenient to where you use them? If not, can they be moved to a more convenient spot? Are your pots and pans near your stove? Where do you usually stand to make sandwiches or breakfast? What about when you are baking? Do you have a drawer under your stove? If yes, what is in it?

It is important to plan out your kitchen’s layout according to where you use items, if that is possible. Are your serving bowls and platters close to the stove? Do you eat dinner/supper in a separate dining room? Are your dinner plates close to there?

In the places I have lived in the last 19 years, the microwave and toaster oven had to be next to the refrigerator due to the space available to me. Unfortunately, it was/is across the kitchen from the stove.

I use my microwave to make oatmeal and soup, and my toaster oven… well, to make toast. And pizza. It is also a rotisserie and small oven, though, so it is more convenient for me to have my dinner plates in this area, along with sandwich plates, cereal bowls, and non-cooking utensils in that area.

My stove has a drawer with two broiling pans and some muffin tins. Why do I need two broiling pans? I avoid using them as much as possible, so maybe I will get rid of both and use a lasagna pan with a cooling rack if I need a broiling pan again. Ah, the problems of a single empty nester.  

Now, plan your layout. First, use a pen/marker to draw in permanent structures like cabinets and large appliances. Next, I recommend using graph paper, sharp pencil, and an eraser so you can easily change the arrangement until you get it the right way for you. I also recommend taking time away from your plan, then come back to it to see if it right for your family’s needs.

Next Monday, the column will be implementing the plan.