Monday, January 19, 2015

Kitchen/Pantry Organization - Utensil Drawers

ASSIGNMENT: clean out your utensil drawers - silverware, knives, potato peelers, etc. Go through each of the "extras" - melon ballers, egg separators, and the like. Take those that you seldom use, put them away in a shoe box (or larger), and date the box. Over the next year, if you find you need one of those extras, take it out of the box and put it back into your utensil drawer. At the end of the year, sell or donate anything left in it.

Repeat this process for silverware. I know I have too many serving spoons. Repeat for spatulas and cooking spoons. Do you need all of them, or do you see that you have duplicates or damaged ones to "cull from the herd”? Repeat for knives used for carving, steak knives, paring knives, etc. 

Now that everything has been sorted, put them back neatly. Put the cooking utensils near the stove, the silverware near where you set the table or make things like sandwiches or bowls of cereal. Personally, I have two can openers, one on either side of the kitchen - beside the stove and at the sandwich area. After organizing, I know I need another pair of kitchen shears to keep one with each can opener.

Happy sorting, and please leave me a comment below.