Thursday, January 29, 2015

Office/Spare Room Organization - Tickler File

Can you find your desk’s top? What absolutely needs to be on top of your desk? Probably a computer of some sort, some paperwork, maybe a phone. Where do you put the paperwork that is not needed right this minute? Do you know what a tickler file is? In business, it is “a file consisting of memoranda, notices, electronic signals, or the like that serves to remind the user of matters that must be attended to," and usually has folders numbered 1-31.

Source: Amazon
At home, this is not practical for most people. A home tickler file would more likely have folders that work for you and your family like Today, This Week, This Month, To Be Signed, etc. When something comes to your desk, take immediate action; put the paper(s) into the appropriate file(s) or into the recycling bin.
  • Today – Speaks for itself. It holds the work needing finishing this particular day. When new  paperwork comes in, place it into the appropriate folder in date order.
  • This Week - At the end of each day, move tomorrow’s work forward. At the end of the  week, move next week’s items forward to This Week.
  • This Month - Examples of what would be in this folder are bills to be paid, purchase orders  (if you have a direct-sales or online business), something to read during the time period of  the folder.
  • Beyond this Month - This would hold future appointment details, next month’s bills, birthday  and anniversary cards, etc. Keep items in date order, and move items forward to "This Month," as necessary.
  • To Sign – If it needs your signature, sign it right now; if it needs someone else’s, make sure  the appropriate person receives the paperwork.
  • I keep another folder labeled “Important Receipts.” This is for orders I am waiting for or  merchandise that might be returned.
  • Examples of “etc.” - travel plans, vacation ideas, craft projects you might want to make. You  may want to have a folder for each family member, as well.